lunes, 2 de junio de 2014


We are possibly living an important historic time, but we might aren't able to analyze  it with the necessary perspective.

In 2011 the social movements in Spain come together in only one, it was the birth of 15th of May. Only one meet "ocuppy your square" and million of hearts.

The difference of this new great movement was understanding the importance of the citizen into the politics.
People were tired of being drived and asked for their participation.

So the motto was: "They don't represent me".

Since this time until now there have been lot of attempts to turn this movement into a politic tool to replace the traditional concept of representation for a new one of direct participation. 

I was into this kind of issue when few months ago a new project borned. It is Podemos (or We Can).
Our We Can is not a motto, it is a project to produce citizen participation. Pablo Iglesias is our more popular face. Media normally says that Podemos is Pablo Iglesia's party, but i want to expline that it is not in this way.
He is a professor of Politics Science in Complutense Unversity who has been popular in debates about politics in tv programmes.
So when the past Sunday Podemos obtained 5 sits in the European Parlament, everybody run to say that it had been cause by media, because Pablo Iglesias is a celebrity.
I never will able to understand the foolish way to analyze the fact of some people (politicians, journalists and other). In my neighbourhood lot of people who decided to take the paper with the candidates of Podemos even didn't know  Pablo Iglesias.
Being exacts... how many people do watch politics debates on tv? I think not much.
It places like my neighbourhood the most important has been the Circle's work.
We had in Seville, my city, almost 300 people working voluntary for Podemos, and any of us are militans, but citizen who have ilusion to change the things.
The campaign has been built working with neighbours, with very little money and facilities.
In our politics meeting the "main role" was the neighbour, the teacher, the worker... there weren't professional politics...
It is the real reason of the result in my opinion.
While analysts talk about our future (if we will get to stand or we will die), we are already working for the next election (municipal). Because our goal is not to sell something but to create citizen participation.
Podemos is a tool for the citizen who want to participate directly in politic.


Podemos is built by Circles. They are citizen assemblies, where the freedom is the rule. I mean, you don't need any card or have concrets ideas. We don't care who you voted the past, only care about what you want for the future.
If you are agree with us in the way to organize this future, you are welcome.
The role of the circles will be basic to create participation, and it is our actual work.


The debate is set in two ideas: To go on with the Monarchy or to make a referendum and leaving people decide if we want or not keep the monarchy.

In a side the Traditional Parties (the ones who have access the power), PP and PSOE; they want to go on with the system, and it is normal because they are the system.
Their representatives said today in a tv debate that a referendum could cause instability, so they chosed estability. Of course that their estabilty is very unstable (unemployment, corruption, poverty...) Because it is the situation that Spain is living actually.
In the other side: All those who want the Referendum (Podemos, Izquierda Unida, EQUO and other) They call to the necessity that people feel is participating and take this important decision.
They call for the real democracy.

In my opinion the government, who is the only one that is able to ask for the Referendum, won't do. So all the people and parties that want to make important changes in this process are in need to work together.
Because the other two; PP and PSOE are already working together to avoid our progress.
We need work everyone  in our space, and get that this majority of people who actually don't participate, do it.
To get it is necessary to open the parties to the citizen and make them work altogether in the construcction of a new society where citizen participation and direct democracy be the rule.
We must to give them the tools.

Only in this way we will able to make a better world where unjustice be a bad memory!