lunes, 21 de abril de 2014

I have too much things to say but little time to write.

Calle 13 is a music band from Puerto Rico whose new album has been called Multiviral. One of their songs; "Adentro" gave me the idea for the title of this entry. Because in it René (the leader of the band) says: "I have much to say and little paper", and I say: I have too much to write but little time.

Our world is running as quick like a ray, and the news passes in front of our eyes like if they were fashionable clothes, despite  they be the result of a dramatic reallity that overtake us.

Finally, we end up thinking that any of us is doing the best to avoid that our paradise, which is our planet, the one that NASA photograph while look for a twin planet in the space where go on exploting resources and maybe its inhabitants (if they existed), be destroyed.

Today I write about the madness that rule our world, where some people who call themself "democrats" don't stop in their desire to concentrate wealth in their hands, till the last consecuence; the destruction of the planet and being in it. They might be waiting for the discovery of the twin of our planet, in order to move there with their mansions and laminated way of life of Monsanto's transgenic.

The Thursday was reported Gabriel García Marquez's death. The great writer who made us dream on Macondo. He had lots of great quotations, so the net was flooded with them. The mine in Facebook was him too: If the shit had some value, poor would born without bottom.

Because we talk very much about poverty, but do very little to fight it.

Democracy, freedom, solidarity or equality are currently empty words often used to be sold in the market of the image.

Politicians pronounce them in their speeches to catch votes, but once the elections has finished, forget them, and do the best to protect the order and legality of the inequality by rules which benefit to the wealthy.

They tell  us (by their media mass) that the fact to privatise our resources or services is good for us, because in this way they will be more efficient or inexepensive.

So our health care or education is being privatized, as well our more important resources (water, energy, land...). At least the whole nature is being privatised!

The result of all this process is that every time less people is able to access to the basic resources to survive because we have to pay for them, and everytime our salaries are lower because these same firms which own the privatized resources, are pressing to the governments  to get advantages to reduce the expenses by laboral laws which benefit them; cutting back.

The actual crisis has become in a great chance for them, being the owner of the main financial centers and institutions like IMF or The European Bank, they make use of every one of their tools (grade agencies like Lehman Brother or Goldman Sachs) to mark the countries' economies and to influence in the inside politics by their suggestion, the ones are obligatory to obey if the countries want to receive financing.
This is the way they are promoting the politics of austerity adressed to reduce the expenses of the entreprenour and to turn on the worker class in a great dough of "cheap hands". We could call it: "Slavement of workers"

If i explain all this is because poverty is a great issue in speeches, songs, movies, campaignes to fund raising, etc. Lots of celebrities have their foundations to ask for our "solidarity". But the question is, how many of them are really committed in the fight to reduce the poverty supporting suitable politics?

How many of the people, not only celebrities or intellectuals, in this world who often talk about poverty know what kind of politics are suitable to solve this problem?

Because to me is senseless to do a speech about poverty in a rally, and to support at the same time the Neoliberal politics of IMF or European Bank.

But everyday politics parties like Democrats in USA or their equal here in Europe, Labour Parties, do that. In fact they apply this politics in their own countries or support the implementation of them in other ones (Obama, for example, is very agree with Troika's Austerity Politics)

Fighting against poverty is only possible by a way; restricting the control that the owner of the high fortunes put over the global economy and changing the global economy to make it fair and supportive.

But if go on welcoming the hypocrisy of our assumed representatives and we don't see that they aren't our reprsentatives, but the banker's and wealthy's representatives, we never are going to change anything, so we only will be able pronounce empty words.

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