martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Scalibur and the ebola in Spain.

This past summer we woke up with a piece of news, three Spanish persons had been infected of ebola in Africa and  the government had decided to move them from Africa to Spain, in spite of the advices of doctors and specialists about the danger of doing something like this, because it meant to introduce a very dangerous illness in Spain.

The Minister of Healthy and the government said that the protocol of security was perfect and nothing would happen. These three ills dead because, as the doctor said, Spain hasn't the necessary infraestructure to deal this kind of illness. But the worse thing is that people who was dealing with the ills were not ready to do that work and they weren't right trained and correctly dress for it.
The ill nurse went on vacation and the 30th of September asked for being seen because she had fever. The proof has been made in October, and now we know she has ebola, so Spain is the first country where there is an infected outside Africa. I think it is a very serious error, and the government has put in danger to the people in Spain.
How to know how many people has been in contact with her during her vacation? How to know if there are more people or worked from that hospital afected?

Now a new stupidity from them, they have decided to kill the nurse's dog, Scalibur, without even make him the proof to know if he is really infected. They are going simply to kill him, when the doctors say that it is not necessary, just they must put him in quarentine.

The last thing is that they are trying to blame to the nurse of her infection... That is Spain!

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