domingo, 12 de julio de 2015

In the early XXIth Century.

As i  have studied History, i like to use it in my reflections. 

Checking some of the pieces of new that we have been reported in the latest month, i see that in our early XXIth Century we still aren't able to solve the grand troubles of our humanity; Poverty, inequality, racism or xenophoby,  and if we go on walking by this way, we definitely won't do.

In first place i will talk about Greece, its debts and the European Union: The past week we were reported about the Greek Referendum, that in Spain has been baptized as "Greferendum". The debate in Spain and in the whole world is if Greece must paying the debt in complete and applying the reform that Euro Group ask to that country. The greek gobernment is trying to negotiate a release of the debt as it is as much high that is impossible to paying in complete. The Greek population is being drived by Europe to a terrible situation because they are supporting the consecuences of the bad politics that their past governments have done. But where  Europe Union was when these irresponsible governments were doing that politics that everybody now criticize? These irresponsible polititians were their allied by promoting in Europe the wonder of capitalism in opposition to socialism, and supporting allied is expensive, of course!
And to justify the politics of cuts which only goal is removing every kind of protection of population to defend thenselves of the economical power, they are using the lie to try to convince us that keeping social services, education and health care is too much expensive so we must to privatize. 
Lots of studies about the system of health care in USA have shown that privat health care system is much more expensive for administration as it means to finance privat firms.
They are really conscious of the fact that Greece can not paying the debt and the fact that applying the reforms which are focused to cut much more the funds for social services, reducing much more the salaries, and increase the taxes over consume are going to impoverish the country. They know because they are done in other countries already and in other times in our history. Mostly the underdevelopment is set on that kind of politics. 
Today I was reading an article written by Juan Torres, professor of Applied Economy in the University of Seville, where he explained that the destruction of Greek Economy will destroy to Europe too. The only benefit in this play of destruction will be by the moment Germany, but not the german population who is suffering the same kind of ideology which aspire to become every necesity of the people in a product to sell and consume.
Finally Greece is accepting the deal of Europe, in spite of being against their principles of keeping the basic protection to a population which is every day more impoverished.
Germany should remind that they were excused to paying 50 per cent of it debt in 1953 and part of that debt was cancelled by Greece. 

Now is the time of talking a little about the reborn, or better said, the "never deceased" racism in USA. No reform of the language which teach us to say "Coloured" in the place of "Black", no black president or no school programmes which goal is teach us that skin, religion, country and culture doesn't do us different. In the early XXIth Century we still have to see some people who attack and kill others cause by its race.
The racism is an ideology, of course, the one which says that there are people in the world that are superior because are more white than others. Is the greatest stupidity but there are even racists who are intelectuals, and who even writes books which people read.
To me racism and xenophoby is another face of the global injustice in the world  and we won't be able to make it dissapear while the inequality keeps existing.
The past year i did an excellent course about Black Women Movements and Social Rights in USA, and is so sad to see that the situation is no very different in 2015, and that Ku Klux Klan still exists.
That is a cancer that our society have created and we will have work strong to remove it.

Finally, i won't go without mentioning Spain and its Security Citiciens Law, that we call Gag Law. They passed in 1st of July basicly to punish our protests.
I will write an entry about this but in other time!

Hugs and Revolution.

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